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1929, Gangster warfare in New York Dandy Dan’s hoodlums are terrorising the city with their new weapon – splurge guns! Fat Sam, owner of the Grand Slam Speakeasy brings in Bugsy Malone (a smooth city slicker who is far more interested in sweet-talking Blousey Brown, a would-be singer) to help him defeat his rival. But things do not run smoothly..... In fact, they get very, VERY messy!!

Venue & performance details

Venue: Stoke Repertory Theatre 

Stoke Rep Theatre image


Wednesday 22nd June 2022 @ 7.30pm

Thursday 23rd June 2022 @ 7.30pm

Friday 24th June 2022 @ 7.30pm

Saturday 25th June 2022 @ 2.30pm

Saturday 25th June 2022 @ 7.30pm

Cast list

Cast list...

Bugsy - Ryan Moors

Blousey - Charlotte Myatt

Fat Sam - Jack Roberts

Dandy Dan - Alex Dale

Tallulah - Keeley Evans

Fizzy - Albert Whittaker-Vyse

Knuckles - Lucas Jones

Louis - Joe Austin

Snake Eyes - Luis Street

Ritzy - Frankie Douglass

Angelo - Phoebe Black

Doodle / Singer - Eleanor Bowers

Laughing Boy - Madeleine gallacher

Shoulders - Sydney Woodcock

Benny Lee / Dummy - Elsie Raine

Bronx Charlie / Ventriloquist - Chloe Knowles

Violinist - Lily-Mae Stazaker

Tillie/Waitress/Cagey Joe - Emika Hulme

O'Dreary / English Reporter - Isabelle Hutt

Captain Smolsky - Oliver Oldfield

Leroy - Ezra Hulme

Roxy Robinson/Looney Bergonzi - Lucy Woodworth

Louella/Barber - Hattie Griffiths

Bangles - Eleanor Baddeley

Loretta / Velma - Olivia Davies

Dotty - Charlotte Heath-Wilson

Marbini - Lily Smyth

Pop Becker / Oscar De Velt - Alyssa Burgoyne

Lena Marrelli / Dancer - Jazmin Salt

Babyface / Paperboy - Monty Whittaker-Vyse

Flash Frankie / Pickett - Lyla-Rae Dyer

Butler / Seymour Scoop - Lucy Hitchen


Georgina Bray, Gracie Holloway, Isabelle Baddeley, Isabelle Leghorn, Rosie Turvey, Ruby Taylor,

Samia Gilbert, Scarlett Bennett, Sienna James

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