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Raise the Roof poster

Raise the Roof was a musical review put together by members of Five Towns Theatre. This was our first production and used as a fundraiser to help us to secure the rights for our first licenced musical production. 

The entire show was hosted by a Giant puppet who brought some brilliant comedy moments to the proceedings.  We also saw the puppet of a small boy sing "Somewhere on the Stairs" made famous by the Muppets. 

Venue & performance details

Venue: Mitchell Arts Centre

Mitchell Arts Centre image


Saturday 7th September 2002 @ 7.30pm

Cast list


Daniel Anderson

Mark Anderson

Emily Andrews

Mark Rhead

Laura McKeating

Penny Ball

Sarah Brookes

Caroline Hollins

Joanne Gill

Catherine Rhead

Alexandra Moulton

Rachel Dimond

Kerry Dixon

Danny Bonner

Daniel Dimond

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